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You really gotta turn off the CNN tube and erase what your teacher told you.

Originally Posted by The Magician View Post

Yea it's just a cycle when stupid people decided to kill 95% of the fish in the ocean

As usual in your loop-sided programming you left out the main killers
of the Oceans being radioactive waste flowing into it and other waters
are largely due to fresh water fracking where radon deposited are
broken down in that process


Oh I didn't know you knew all those kids personally and know what they want. As well I wonder how many republican kids applied for the same grants(free money)?, so your biased and petty argument holds no weight.

Very shallow report on the entrenched swamp rhino's who have been
digging in for 70 years, easy money, lots of free money, beaches all
around, drink up.

You are a free loader are you not?. You want jobs and wealth but your not willing to pay for the environmental damage you cause which has a very real tangible dollar value.

Now the guilt trip is put on the deplorable? Weak.

You don't mind if I take a dump in your back yard then do you?. I mean if it makes me money and creates jobs then it's all good isn't it?. Less government, less taxes for me and you have no right to invade my privacy while I do it. I will just bend over and takes a dump in your back yard whenever I feel the need and everyone should be okay with that?. This is the premise of your ridiculous argument isn't it?.

Your !@#$ing argument doesn't have a leg to stand.

With this type of reasoning I wonder if it is you who has this stuff running
down his legs.Try again, snowflake?

Gotta give you credit for trying to spread your bologna. weak.


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