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there is nothing you can do about global climate change, absolutely nothing. retards seem to think we have such a huge effect on the earth. sory not gonna happen. the sun, vulcanism, deep sea rivers, plate tektonics. the number one predictor of the earth warming or cooling is the sunspot cycle, check out the terms dalton minimum and maunder minimum.

its good science, not the lefts desire to rape industry thru carbon swaps. our planet is not dying, its a cycle.
Yea it's just a cycle when stupid people decided to kill 95% of the fish in the ocean for profit then fill it with plastic. Not unlike another cycle where they pump billions of gallons of fresh water and toxic chemicals down hole to fracture formations which ends up polluting the ground water other people depend on. Or the other cycle where most all animal species are at risk of extinction because of loss of habitat and pollution. Or the landfill cycle where stupid people try to bury their problems and pretend they don't exist any more. It's just a cycle that's all, of complete and utter stupidity.

Magician, honestly, how could anyone debate you on anything if you are really that uneducated. The left are the Hillary supporters, or worse Bernie supporters.They are the kids in university, who are still uneducated and who want free ( taxpayer funded ) post secondary education.
Oh I didn't know you knew all those kids personally and know what they want. As well I wonder how many republican kids applied for the same grants(free money)?, so your biased and petty argument holds no weight.

They want the free sh@t. And they are the government workers, and free loaders. You have it a AZZ backwards again.
The right is all about less goverment, less TAXES ( which means less free **** for the leftards). The right wants their privacy, and property to be respected. And they what to keep their money in their own pockets.
You are a free loader are you not?. You want jobs and wealth but your not willing to pay for the environmental damage you cause which has a very real tangible dollar value. The right is about gutting environmental protection and making taxpayers clean up the mess at some point in the future as we can see from Trump's policy. So by definition you are the worst kind of free loader, one in denial that you have done anything wrong.

You don't mind if I take a dump in your back yard then do you?. I mean if it makes me money and creates jobs then it's all good isn't it?. Less government, less taxes for me and you have no right to invade my privacy while I do it. I will just bend over and takes a dump in your back yard whenever I feel the need and everyone should be okay with that?. This is the premise of your ridiculous argument isn't it?.

Your !@#$ing argument doesn't have a leg to stand.

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