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Originally Posted by ET-Power View Post

Your video above with the two Reed Switches was very helpful, thank you!



Am I CORRECT with the belief that the hall sensor, opto isolator, and/or reed switch ARE NOT NECESSARY as long as there are transistors for the energizer coils?


Well you can use whatever you have, like a transistor as a switch,
quick and painless. The transistors selected work well for Bedini.

Each way of switching offers a slightly different result almost like
cooking each time you change the recipe.

I like the John K. points system as a test. The points do switching
that very few circuits can perform and the idea of have a wheel
running up a battery with no circuit is cool to me.

Get your feet wet first using the transistors. mjL21194 for 12v
battery charging. If you want to charge a 24v bank use the brother
transistor MJL4281a, it has a 350 peak vs the 200v peak.


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