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This should be simple to do with a 555 timer circuit, you can have it working in about half an hour on a breadboard. Just look for a "monostable" circuit diagram, or here are some examples:

This will work if you just need single pulses. For a repeating pulse train, use another 555 as a free-running oscillator at the desired pulse repetition frequency to trigger the monostable. This will give you the desired width pulses at a given frequency. The 555 will run from 5 volts and can supply more current than you will likely need for this kind of experiment. The rise and fall times are something like 100ns and a good 555 can operate up to maybe 50 KHz (or correspondingly, 10 microsecond pulses). Just use batteries to make approximately 5V and it should work fine, although I doubt the output can be felt to the touch at any pulse width for a voltage this low. I once built a solid-state Bedini-style pulse charger capable of producing very sharp inductive flyback spikes up to around 1000V. With the output connected to a square of sheet metal about 1 foot square, if you put your feet (in shoes for insulation) on it they would indeed begin to feel like a warm glow was permeating them after a few minutes. I was hoping to improve foot circulation and it's possible it was working but hard to evaluate the results objectively.

The idea also reminds me of the Hulda Clark "Zapper", which can be made from a single 555 and runs from a 9V battery. I didn't know John had discussed something similar. Happy experimenting!

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