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The chosenites use islam to accomplish cultural destruction

General Wesley Clark, (paraphrased), "we're going to bomb the snot out of 7 countries to provide millions of radicalised refugees"
Global Warfare: ?We?re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan & Iran..? | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
The D.C. chosenites provided millions of refugees so that the European chosenites could inject them into Western Europe and destroy all cultural cohesion.
This jihadi virus was to be injected into ALL European States. While the chosenites were hard at work to expel the jihadi virus out of their little slice of heaven on the mediterranean, the pushed and shoved the trash into Europe. Saudi Arabia and other islamic States refused to take on external viruses.

The chosenites had already created a beachhead of heaven-on-earth in Marseilles. This was to be a diffusion point to infect the rest of France. Le Pen represents a setback for their plans. Every muslim attack in Europe advances the cause and popularity or Le Pen. the latest attack in London was another in a long list of wakeup calls. The buffoons in Westminster were quick to claim that islam had nothing to do with the motivation for the attack.

The chosenites flung obummer into office because he is a Marxist and islamic. Dearborn MI was a nice beachhead and the whole program needed to be expanded. The chosenites are big movers and shakers in the banking power and they used their leverage to inject their jihadi virus into America. The same 7 States that Clark referred to are also suppliers of the virus to America.
Trump is working against the banker's plan.
The U.S. Plan To Topple All 7 Countries On Trump’s Refugee Ban List

Soros wants open borders so that the whole world can sink down to the level of islamic States. The chosenites don't mind destroying all of society and culture in the world as long as they perceive that it would lessen the threat to themselves. A threat that they created.
Sweden was the most open society in Europe so, they got the BIGGEST does of the jihadi virus. The jihadi virus seems to be first injected into populations that have a high number of christians.
The Eastern Roman Empire was nominally "100" % Christian. Since the Turks destroyed it in the 15th century, it has now become 98% islamic.

A State doesn't have to be Christian to get overrun by islam. The "conversion" of India required 80 million deaths. Various other States and cultures have been over run and "absorbed".

Saudi Arabia has 2 things; radical islam and a single oil deposit that is 150 miles long. The oil has allowed them to finance the spread of their retrogressive operating system far and wide.
Islam is an operating system for the continuation and furtherance of a brutal patriarchal system. The control, enslavement and occasional mutilation of women is just one facet of it's brutality. Islam seems to take no notice of limitations on physical resources. They celebrate runaway fecundity and pump out offspring with wild abandon. Overrun the world with little jihadists.
Out of necessity, islam focuses on keeping it's adherents ignorant. The runaway procreation results in a very low standard of living but, most of them don't seem to mind living like rats. This isn't universal. Germany has spent $2 billion supporting them. ]

As European wake up (belatedly) to the threat, they are starting to resist the virus.
“If Europe continues this way, no European in any part of the world can walk safely on the streets”.
“This Europe is the racist, fascist and tyrannical Europe of the pre-World War Two era”, he fumed." (Erdogan)
If one takes a stand against the cultural rape from islam, one is an islamaphobe. BUT, a phobia is an unreasonable fear. Roy Sullivan has been hit by lightning 7 times. If HE has a fear of lightning, it ISN'T a phobia.
The same is true of islam. After centuries of attacks, there is no such thing as "islamaphobia".

The chosenites control a great deal of the financial world. The chosenites are using this power to force European leaders to commit cultural suicide. The chosenites are VERY upset that Christian Russia has rebuffed their efforts at conquest. Christian Russia stands as a very big obstacle to worldwide Marxism and cultural destruction.
It remains to be seen if Europe can preserve society and civilization.
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