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Basic setup ready

Originally Posted by clarence View Post
Hello BroMikey,

Just a small update of sorts.
For Quite a while now I have suspected that B&L's units (Early Models) were
all being powered by The Utility Grid in their area Known as C E M A R.
CEMAR is a SWER type utility grid One HOT line wire on each pole with the
neutral being supplied by means of the Earth/Ground .

Location did not actually play a great role in using their units. Their suggested
60 Rods and Later suggested 26 rods were only another smoke screen to keep CEMAR from looking in the right direction during the period when Cemar came to their site and performed the tests that they made.
In all of their demos they always made a great show of holding up the green ground return wire as if it were MAGIC - In reality ..... NOT SO.
A ground return Rod (ONE) is necessary for sure. Without the ONE nothing happens.

Lately I have used: 2 rods as input with 60 return - works fine!
2 rods as input with one return - works fine!
1 rod as input with one return - works fine!
Whole lot of SMOKE was blown in my opinion and results show.

In the thumbnail below you will notice a blue circled item and a black circled item.
I followed this format exactly for my last results except for the two circled Items and my results FINALLY came out as expected. The BLACK circle denotes that they used the CEMAR GRID as initial and follow through power.
Instead I used my 25 Watt PV/Batt combo as the power supply.
I made it have its own line and earth/Ground return supply same as the CEMAR SWER system.

The BLUE circle denotes the use of a Gas Discharge Tube! THAT WILL NOT WORK AT ALL!!!! A GDT USED BETWEEN A HOT AND NEUTRAL IS A SHORT CIRCUIT!!!!!
I used another type of component a .001 uf small capacitor soldered in series to the GDT to act as a MINI load to prevent a short circuit and THEN placed it as shown
in the illustration to draw in the return voltage from the ground and enable it to be used in conjunction with the high amperage toroid loop and pass on as one of the
ultimate lead wires for loads. all just as the illustration shows except for the two circled items.

In the past recent efforts I never was able to get the high amperage loop to supply any of its high amperage through the ground return loop and on to whatever loads.
This time I finally succeeded.
The loop amperage dropped from 106.0 amps down to 103.0 amps.
The loads were one 4 watt nite light - two 13 watt CFL lights and one 100 watt CFL.
The amperage checked on the ground return wire BEFORE the 2 1/2 turns
around the loop and afterwards reflected the same amount of increase
so the amperage has to be coming from the looped coil just as B&L said it should do.

Will have more to say at a later date when I finish my 2 Inverter system.


Hello Clarence,
Sounds good. I still have the basic setup on my side bench which I also use solar batteries and inverter as power supply. Still have the ground grid to use also. The system is in my shop 120 feet from my house and 50 feet from nearest utility pole. I didn't use GDT at first but later tried one (same as yours) in the setup with same results.

So I'm very happy to see you figure how to get more out of the setup. Will you share here or is this something you don't want to show cause some may not be ready for this?

Either way is ok. I understand and it's good this can be used to harvest some free or kind of free energy.
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