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Originally Posted by jonathan View Post
i read that wmo pyrolysis produce h2s and hcl if i use water bubbler it is good for hcl? and h2s as i read it can be burned. and my other question is about plastic pyrolysis..if i use only and ldpe are they safe? i mean no danger gases like hcn hcl and other? because i find this post says:...Toxic by-products of pyrolysis of polystyrene (PS)
Since polystyrene is not a halogenated hydrocarbon, then the by-products of pyrolysis are going to be just petroleum vapors, which are toxic, and flammable; however, they can be effectively handled with simple condensation via a succession of air, water and ice cooled condensers. Any non-condensable hydrocarbon can be burned in a flue gas controlled burner.thanks
As I recall, there was good talk about these very topics earlier in the forum. Researching there would be a good start.
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