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the project

Ok so heres a start of what I see and correct me where im wrong or if im right .I see a possible form of a PMH with 2 maybe 3 pairs of coils 2 possibly for fine tuning and 2 maybe for bringing the voltage down to run thru a type of invertor where the plugs are in.The motor and disc,we know a spinning magnet can produce electricity but can a spinning leyden jar?i know a radial tire produces electricity on a car going down the road from the steel belts and no magnets are there.So if something with no magnets spinning or turning can produce electricity then it starts to look like a possibility for the leyden jar idea.So maybe they need to be a certain distance from the coils to charge them and if the charge is larger than the drain it can be dumped into the coils that bring the voltage down to the inverter.The motor doing the spinning might be just a regular motor or a different motor winding inside.I dont know if different windings will affect speed control to keep this thing from running away or not.Just some thinking on this thing.Anyone got anything else?
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