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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
No one is interested little DUH-WANE
Hello Bromikey, we will see

You have been the catalyst for disruption on this thread. You alone are responsible for that? Yet you blame someone else. Typical avoidance behaviour.

You have posted documents allegedly stolen from Clarence and without his permission. After this posting Clarence, claimed Thief. Was he referring to you? The question you need to answer is why would you post documents that do not belong to you? Also posting documents that you do not have permission to post? Are you the Thief Clarence is referring to?
Your actions in deleting the contentious images at Clarence’s request suggest collusion. Why did Clarence not request that these documents that have allegedly been stolen be deleted immediately?

Both yours and Clarence’s actions since the original post questioning the images and their similarity to Don Smith's work have been most unusual. I would almost suggest that a conspiracy has been discovered, but, what conspiracy? There is no point.

The next question for you to answer is why would both yourself and Clarence collude to insult and attempt to intimidate me? I know you will not answer these questions. I also request that you remove the offensive cartoons you have posted. I also know that you are the type that will not because it will make you think you have lost something. Trust me, as soon as you embarked upon attempting to vilify me, as has Clarence with his nonsensical comments, you have clearly shown your lack of maturity. Both you and Clarence are acting like children who have been caught being naughty. Have you both been naughty?
I do not see anything wrong in questioning the similarity of the stolen images you posted with the work of Don Smith. Clarence should have been flattered. I see both yours and Clarence’s actions as being over the top. Completely unnecessary. One might almost say Paranoid. One must also question why. After all, the differences between Don Smith's work and that of Barbosa and Leal are both joined by common operational similarities. I am certain that people reading through will now see you in a different light: most likely someone who is not to be trusted. That is completely your fault, just as Clarence is responsible for his stupid bumptious behaviour acting like an Ostrich with it’s head in the ground when somebody questions his work.
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