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Since we now know cops are lying about when Toni got gas, we can't trust much of anything they say. Let's assume she got gas at 2525 and tried her atm at 433. Is it believable she got gas some time after driving away south or is it logical to assume she must've gotten it just before she ended up on 26th? 959

"“The officer watched her go just to make sure her story was straight,” says Officer Darin Snapp.

Now officers are trying to figure out why she drove off the way she did.

Snapp says, “We don’t know why she veered to go north before she came back downtown so we are hoping anyone who was supposed to meet her up there, besides the friends she was supposed to meet, will give us a call.”

Kansas City Police Department spokesperson Darin Snapp says 20-year-old Toni Anderson got off work around 4:15 a.m. Sunday and was later pulled over by a North Kansas City police officer near the QuikTrip at 9-Highway and 20th Avenue for an illegal lane change.

Snapp says Anderson told the officer she was almost out of gas, and the officer pointed out the nearby QuikTrip.

"So the officer just told her, you know, there’s a gas station right there, gave her a warning for the violation and watched her actually go to the QuikTrip," Snapp said.

since the early morning hours of Jan. 15. She had been stopped by a North Kansas City police officer for an improper lane change.

When she told the officer she was almost out of gas, he directed her to a QuikTrip at 26th and Burlington streets. The QuikTrip is less than 8 miles away from Platte Landing Park. 612

She has not been heard from since, though she received an incoming call at 4:53.

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Well, let's think about this... does it make sense that Toni, after being pulled over and given a warning (whew!), would make a major life decision and decide to run away or commit suicide? No, it does not. So why did she remove the tracking device, then?

The best reason I can think of is that she became suspicious that the reason she was pulled over so much is that the police were using the tracking device to track her. It is probably not a coincidence that she disabled the tracking device immediately after being pulled over.

Device could have been unplugged at the Kwiktrip due to paranoia over police tracking her.

She could then drive off and go down a ravine 100 miles away.

Once we assume the device was unplugged due to the traffic stop, anything becomes possible after that.

It wasn't out of nowhere, though, it was immediately after a traffic stop.

My guess is that the traffic stop made her suspicious that the police were using it to track her, and she didn't want them to track her. So she unplugged it.

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