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the machine

I know some of the history of the device and some key things to steer the progress in the right direction.When I tell you the history then you will understand all this.My expertise is not electronics but more mechanical but I have a decent understanding of electronics but what will be needed is other input from other peoples experiences of life.Like I said earlier it doesnt matter if the innovate team got it to work or not but the machine when originally designed and by who is what will get you going.It worked at the time of design from my research of the history based on its application.Some of this might not make sense to you right now but Ill give Innovate about a week and then thats it.Some guys from the overunity group are working on something that is on the right track more or less but I will have to see how we can communicate all on one site and not spread over three or four.Also when we have this thing figured out then the next step is the motor for vehicles which is based on this machine.It requires no charging ,no batteries,drive when you want as far as you want,as fast as you want(with in reason).Anyways enough for now and see who else is interested.Financially I am not in a very good situation right now so we will have to see who is and there is another avenue for gathering more info and that is the location of one of the units but its not in North America but in Europe.Its one of the originals.So if anyone can afford to do a bit of travel and looking I have a big clue there.
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