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Does it work

Originally Posted by IKNOWNOTHING View Post
I just sent some emails to the innovate team and got a automated response to use another email address
If They do not come thru at a reasonable time with a reasonable response I am willing to spill some beans to the group here if some of you guys are willing to work together.I know things about this unit and I might have enough info so that we can back engineer it and replicate it.Bottom line it has to be all open sourced.Thats the only way Ill do this.Everything out in the open.That makes it harder for anyone to dissappear or get strong armed or what ever.And havong it spread over several countries is an advantage for Us.So whos on boardif I decide to go this way?Its going to be all up to the innovatehno guys response or lack of.
Hi Knownothing,

It sounds like you believe this free energy machine works. Does it work as they claimed last month before they disappeared? Can you provide proof of functionality or a convincing demonstration?

That would get me interested enough to participate.


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