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threats to oil etc

solar like wind is limited and the technology is still at a keep paying while you use maintenance level.You need batteries and they wear out so they have to get replaced.Plus the size of the unit to make it reasonably usable is beyond most peoples bank accounts.I am on solar and batteries last me on average 3 or 4 years and then I have to replace.I am very limited in what I can do because of the constant drain and charge strain on the batteries.I have some nicads I got from an auction Id like to try but thats later in the spring.To much going on right now for me to do.Wind has its other problems but again limited and you just cant put up a windmill anywhere depending where you live.Watr turbine which I had is also limited becuase here in BC Canada you need a liscence to put anything in a stream or creek or river.also the turbine has a life span thats limited to between rebuilds and the case of this one here its about 8 years.160KVa max but running at 60KVA most times.around $10k to rebuild each time.All of these systems have a maintenance routine that can really eat the pocket book if you arent on the ball.I do enjoy have Christmas lights up in july and not have to worry about a huge increase in a hydro bill.But thats gone now.Technology is improving but not fast enough and the changes needed for whats coming up arent in line for it so Free Energy is the only way to go.
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