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First piston sucess.

My magnet order was cancelled due to address problems. I set out to improvise and got a working piston after a couple of hours with just materials lying around and some store bought garden stake bamboo for the anchor axle and side braces between the upper and lower piston magnets, and duck tape and elastic bands. I have nine radio shack ceramic rings three at each end held together by bamboo braces, and three attached to the bamboo axle in the center.

It's easy to just break the bamboo with a pliers after sawing a small notch. I placed a cork cocktail coaster at the base and used a 3/4" diametric neo tube to trigger it. The magnet piston starts to really bounce powerfully upon retraction of the attracting trigger magnet. The "Self Retraction" force is very powerful! The trigger has a sweet spot where there's very little effort to slide it toward you then allow it to draw itself back in. The difference in push pull to sheer is easy to feel. It works like some kind of magnet cannon. I'm trying to upload a video. Here's a fuzzy picture of it in the mean time. The tape's a little crooked on the bottom magnet.

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