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Originally Posted by ashtweth View Post

Sorry i missed the part of your post last night, was up late, that's amazing you got it running like you did, that's as far as i ever heard any one getting that i trust . This starts to remind me of the Ntiro cell, and how sensitive it is due to certain factors of the engine bay etc. I know wayne personally, this is just some thing to keep in mind, he states for the D18 cell (was not in the original instructions)

Cell must be away from engine block as you don't want electromagnetic mutual inductance from the cell to the engine

outer side of inner tube surface area should equal surface area of inner side of outer tube electric fields must be the same

horizontal tube mount for highway driving
vertical mount for city driving
solid wire roughly 0.2mm one winding around cell


Mate if you have residual voltage form the cell, then perhaps people need to do load tests with other things to see how YOUR particular cell reacts? Is that possible? Given there are so many variables we don't know about the energy, it seems to me that there could be things around your shop like microwaves on or off? or any thing like that?

I know that some machinery effects it (i am told) perhaps its the environment around you

G'day Ash,

I am on several Yahoo forums where the Joe Cell is being research, many of these guys have had success in one form or another! The 9 volt charging has only recently been discussed, I stunble across it my self after days of charging with a 12 volt battery charger, the cell wouldn't retain more than 0.5 volts after 24 hours. I had some weak 9 volts lying around and thought what the heck. I left it on for an hours or so and wadda you know, the charge held. When I posted my findings, a very experienced researcher came out and back me up. He had found the same thing, so then others started looking into it and getting results. When the cell is really conditioned, it will hold a charge of 1.1 volts for around 3 days.

I have just pulled my cell down and am in the process of recharging. It's almost like going back to square 1. Anyway, the groups are as below.

joecellfreeenergydevice : Joe Cell Free Energy Device - Researching the Joe Cell Phenomena

JoesCell2 : Joe's Cell 2

There are plenty of other groups but these seem to be the most active with the leading researchers.

If you're not already a member and you are researching JC's, I'd recommend joining.

BTW I am a LONG way of having a workable cell. When I limped home with fuel cut, I had no power and 20K's was about top speed but it still was going in a manner of speaking.

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