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PM from Luc:

Originally Posted by Allen Burgess

Check out the 3.33 to 1 sheer to push pull neo tube piston on Ramset's thread. Tell us what you think!



Very interesting Allen

Thanks for sharing and all your posts at the Energetic forum.

Hopefully this can lead to OU



"Ima Magnet Fanatic" trips a field reversal force from inside the neutral zone with the sheer trigger: He just nudges the traveler 7/8" tube magnet into the smaller 3/4" tube magnet repulsion zone with the negative force delivered by retracting the sheer magnet below and then he measures and compares the catapult force to the back sheer trigger force. The traveler tube is attracted back inside the reversal zone by the force of the sheer magnet when it returns to center. This is a free ride and adds an additional feature to Floor's measurements:

"The magnetic ring of force is actually a magnetic disk of force. It's always located at the equator of a torus/dipole. You can stick two perfect man made magnets north to north or south to south. The trick to do this use a very large magnet and a small magnet. Force the small north pole magnet to the center of the large north pole magnet it will repel like in this video and then attract. The small magnet needs to be totally flush to the large magnet for it to attract. The small magnet will repel and flip over If any part of the small magnets rim isn't touching the larger magnet.(The rim of either pole of a magnet is where the magnetic field is strong and at the center of the pole a small circular region has a high gauss rating as well. In between these regions the magnetic field is far weaker.)".

It looks like the upper piston magnet is balanced right on the edge of the same pole attraction zone, in the retracted position; With out sticking to the anchor magnet with any measurable force. This mild sticking reduces the sheer force on the trigger magnet below.

The bonus feature of this piston is that; It re-cocks itself when the trigger's released!

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