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Just the facts... part 2

“But while you were active you did not do the careful research I did and
gather all the details. So you fail to see all the contradictions in these
matters. You are still under a spell and just assume everything Bedini
said was true and gospel truth. People need a messiah and they latch onto
others in that way. So what happens when I show you guys the actual facts?
You close your eyes and just repeat what you were told.”

This could not be further from the truth Rick. You have no idea how much time I have spent in my research over the years. You have not seen every single project I have done or the very detailed test results I have kept. I am far from a religious person and do not need a “messiah” or believe in spells and witchcraft. I believe in science Rick and have proved out everything Bedini has stated in his patents and found that scientifically they are true. You have written some pre-conceived opinion of me that is based on your own view of the world, not undeniable facts.

“I never had any bad dealings with the Chinese. I spent way too much time
entertaining them for John and Gary. I told them they had to have a
battery charging at all times on the motors. They decided to try and
rejuvenate some completely dead batteries and blew out the circuits. They
didn't have fuses on them. I didn't treat them bad at all. They wanted me
to come over there right away, and I was waiting on my passport renewal.
Why is that so difficult to accept? I also didn't really care to do any
China deal. I wasn't getting anything for that. I just helped John and
Gary. They bought a few prototypes from me. They never felt ripped off
from me.”

Rick, I’m not sure how long it takes a Canadian native living in the USA to renew a passport but in Australia it takes around a week. How do I know? Because I had to renew my own passport to go to China. I’m sure they would’ve understood that if you had taken the time to explain that to them.
Your comments prove that you did not care for the customers you sold prototypes to after you took their money. It’s was not about any “deal”, it was simply after sales service they were looking for and some guidance.

“As for my recent videos, there are multiple reason for them as explained
in the videos themselves, which you probably didn't even watch.

I watched them, want me to post the YouTube screen shot of my viewing history? Please don’t make false assumptions that make you look foolish.

“While I have a right to set the record straight when a man lies to the
public and completely changes the facts, like saying I was involved in
what Stan did when I in fact showed John what he did, I also am compelled
to warn people against an influence that leads them to kill their
batteries, or waste their time, or just believe someone who is not to be
trusted as an authority. It is because my name is tied to him that I have
to do this John. Your's is not. The internet will always show me with John
and there are thousands of references like that. So I have to distance
myself from him as I should have at the beginning. But I too was under the
spell you guys are under right now. You may pat yourselves on the back
together but people can see the truth about these things, because the
videos alone show it. You guys can't answer the things I bring up. You
just talk about passports and silly things, and blame me for John's

Yes, but if you felt so strongly about that why wait years until John and Gary have passed? You could have done what you did while they were still alive and given them the right to defend themselves, but now it just looks like sour grapes. And what did it achieve? Now you have more people disliking you than ever before and it’s not getting any better for you, is it? Why wait years after John posted the oscillator stuff about you and Stan to bring it up? Again, if you believed it not to be true why wait until the major players cannot reply? It makes no sense.

“I'm sorry where I have let you down John. I know I did let you down here
and there. I tried to help you in many ways. I gave you what you asked for
in many things. I did you good. You wanted to see John and I made it
happen. You wanted to sell product and I made that happen. You wanted to
moderate and get involved so I let you. I also connected you with the
Chinese and that could have set you up for life if you knew what you were
doing. I opened the door for you into this cult John. That was actually
the worst thing I did. The problem is that you guys want to blame everyone
else but JB. And yet if you would have been in the shop with Gary and John
from day to day you would have seen them blame each other for everything,
and rightly so. But that doesn't accord with this perfect legend that knew
everything about everything.”

Look Rick, I agree with some of that. Yes, we did work well together at the start but please don’t put yourself in the illusion that you did everything for me. I wanted to meet John, so I did what you asked at arranged for you to introduce me to him and Gary. Later I told John and Gary about this and Gary simply said that all I had to do was call him and say that I was a Renaissance Charge dealer interested in John’s work and he would’ve happily let me visit.
I wanted to sell product, so I made that happen. I started my own company and entered into a commercial agreement with yours. I don’t recall you asking me if I wanted to sell your products.
Yes, you gave me KP’s number – that was all you did. I volunteered my time to go to China, Hong Kong and Taiwan on numerous occasions. I helped them on the ground, over the phone and on Skype. Unfortunately, KP passed from a long term illness and his family decided to end the project – nothing to do whether I knew what I was doing or not. A simple fact that you chose to leave out.

Rick, I was more than happy for you to go along and continue your own endeavours in your own eternal bliss. I judge people by my own experiences with them, not what others may say or whatever their opinions are. In my own experiences with the Bedinis I have always found them to be honest and they have always treated me with respect. I have never thought they any of them have lied to me, or made promises they could not keep. I also heard them talk a lot about you, some I agreed with, some I didn’t – based on my experience with you. I chose not to go public with any of this as it was no one else’s business.
However, once someone publicly states things about me that I don’t believe are true or incorrect I will defend myself publicly and correct them with facts – not wild inaccuracies and talk of spells and cults.
I will continue to do this until the day I die, because everyone knows that once you die you have no control over what people say about you and no way to defend their lies.

John Koorn
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