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Just the facts... part 1

Rick, I'd like to add and in some places correct some of your response - specifically as it relates to US. Once again, I am focussing on US.

Since it appears you cannot post on this forum, I will quote from the page that nilrehob has linked to.

"For example, Marcia was moderating the groups before you guys came around. So the storyline is not accurate."

I never said Marcia wasn't moderating the groups before I came along. I was simply stating that you had made Tom and I moderators. There is nothing inaccurate about the "storyline".

“John had a lot of influence on what happened that you guys have no
idea about. I still have all the email correspondence with him from those
years and you are really implicating him in much of what you say and what
went wrong.”

Please post copies of these emails. I would be very interested in seeing how I am implicating John

“As for the alarm chargers there was a lot of details. I did not leave them
on some shop floor and not do them. Steve was just starting to learn is
new machines to make them and did a very good job making them. I would
have to go back over the details to see what all happened. But I waited on
them to be made and also for Energenx to do the connectors you complain
here about. So it was John's work that you find so disagreeable. Not that
I am not responsible for that.”

Rick, I have a witness who told me that he saw the box of alarm chargers on your shop floor without connectors on the end of the leads and that they had been sitting there for some time after they had been shipped from Steve. This person told me because he was very surprised that they were still sitting there unfinished after all of that time.
You are fully responsible for the connectors. I placed the order with Renaissance Charge, not EnergenX. It was the Renaissance Charge label that was on them, not the EnergenX label. YOUR company is fully responsible for the condition of the product that YOUR company eventually shipped to me. Do not try and implicate your supplier for sending out bad products that you took money for.

“As for your visiting. John did not like people to visit him who he did not
know. He had very little respect for people on the groups but he did latch
on to a few here and there. But you don't know what he said behind your
backs. Like I said, he liked the attention but had little respect for
anyone at all, even his friends whom I will not mention their names. I
recorded him saying such things. Regarding all these things I have all the
emails as well.”

In all of my time on the groups (and any other forum for that matter) I never got the impression that John had little respect for the people on the groups. Can you please provide evidence of this? If you have recordings or emails of this, please post them.

“As for being a dealer, really no one was ever a dealer. People sold one or
two chargers here and there but that is not a dealer. You did order the
alarm chargers and did I not buy them back from you, like half of them? No
big deal there. A lot of people wanted to sell these but really had no way
of doing that, no customers or experience in sales. If a real dealership
had existed then there would have been a steady order of product.”

Really Rick? Would you like me to publicly post details of every order I placed with you? I did not sell “one or two chargers here and there”. I sold many chargers and many of your kits and parts. It didn’t help that there were delays in shipping a lot of orders and that you would not return calls or emails in a timely matter. Many of my customers lost faith in the ability to ship orders. I took the responsibility for that from my customers, as I should’ve because it was my business and you were just the supplier. That’s why I stopped doing business with you Rick, it was just too difficult.
No, you did not buy half of the alarm chargers back. You offered to, however when I asked you to write me a check for them you refused. There was no way I was going to leave you with half of my alarm chargers without being paid for them. Don’t deny this Rick, my wife was standing right next to me in the front of your shop when this occurred.

“There was no one by the name of Brent. Brett worked close with me but was
actually working for Energenx. Maybe you were talking about Tom.”

I apologise if I got the name “Brent” incorrect. I was talking about the guy with the glasses who worked with you and Dan in the shop. I will go back and check my emails and get the name right.

“As for the price of the chargers this was controlled by Bedini. He always
wanted to sell high and make little. When I left these guys they raised
the prices, even doubled them. They upped the cost of a model by $100 from
the one lower just for adding 1 fet! They charged me for manufacturing a
high price. If you only bought a few chargers here and there then why
would you expect to get a big discount? We both did what we could. But you
did not understand what was happening on our end at all and no doubt this
has caused much misunderstanding.”

EnergenX did not control the price of the chargers. They controlled the wholesale price of their products that they sold to other companies, as you would expect from a supplier. When I stopped dealing with Renaissance Charge I contacted Gary and he said he was more than happy to sell chargers to me directly. At that time, he sent me the EnergenX price list. The date on the document was almost a year before he sent it to me and it had not been modified since that date. I still have that file, so what you have said above is incorrect.

“You act like you had to come and had to sell your car. You did not need to come John. So I fail to see these points. Josh did a good job putting the coils on the 30 coiler. It takes a little work to do the trigger resistance. You guys added the hot triggering to the 12 coiler because we wanted to hook it up to a generator. That was a very junky harbor freight gen. But the motors worked fine. You guys helped a lot. Remember, John told me to not bother with any of these demonstrations. Just talk. The shop was a mess because everyone had been working on all the stuff for several weeks before you came. Whatever man. It is not true that there would have been nothing to show without you John. You guys helped, but not that much. Remember, I recorded all of it.”

I’m not acting like anything. I was merely pointing out some of the things that we did to help out. I wasn’t trying to attack you. I know I didn’t need to come, I wanted to come because at the time we were friends and I wanted to help out. I just stated it as it was.
Slight correction on the 12 coiler. The trigger circuit was the 555 and opto emitter/receiver circuit that I believe was your idea. I have photos of that circuit, but have never shared them publicly. We did add the Darlington driven trigger circuit to the 30 coiler as Josh was having difficulty triggering properly with the traditional trigger winding.
I didn’t say that there would be nothing do show without “me”, I said “if WE had not been there, there would’ve been nothing to show.” WE helped out immensely. Saying “not that much” is a gross understatement and unfair to those who put in all of those hours. I took video too Rick, more than happy to post it publicly. I don’t remember that you “recorded all of it”. How could you? You weren’t there most of the time I was there, so there must’ve been hidden cameras somewhere.

“John, as far as I understood, you were selling this stuff over there. So
you are not working together. Well that is good then. But I mentioned you
because you also posted nonsense on my youtube channel at the same time as
Tom. And you are also part of this attack against me, as you show here

Well Rick, you misunderstand the relationship I have with TeslagenX. We are working together on some things and have a lot of mutual respect for each other. What you consider to be “nonsense” that I posted on your YouTube channel is your opinion, just as what I posted is my opinion. I did sit through the entire videos Rick.

(to be continued)
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