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From jim butler

I am going thru some Archives from when I was doing my research on why john and Rick parted ways. I ran into this from Jim. this email is from 2013....

Rick I thought I would answer you .

First I have gone to see John. First let me jog your memory I was asking you questions at John's shop. I was with George Green, can you place me now? I told you at the time I was a solar engineer or maybe you did not here me. Let me come to the point here. You did work with John and you were just as much involved in mystifying people if not more then John as John never sold anything before Renaissance Charge entered the picture. I seem to remember you asking John for things for the last convention. I seem to remember you promoting everything. I had conversations with Steve W who said that you just copied everything from John's lab and were no engineer at all, nice Rick. It seems your the one in the boat and not John. It seems that what you have is what John let you have and no more. You might have copied Ron Coles work too who worked with John. And just to let you know things were placed around the shop to test you by John, should I say more? I think John figured you out early on and did not say anything to you or your friends until the end.

John I know well from KABC radio before I moved to Idaho to get away from California. I also know that John would never leave anything important on his computer or in drawings. You have made allot of money from selling John's inventions, yes inventions. You were very fortuitous in your position. and I can see that you think you can make simple changes and everything is going to be ok. This is not so Rick as everybody will soon find out the truth that your just as much involved in what John built for you. Your on YouTube promoting it.

The thing here Rick is, your just using all of John's inventions. When I asked John, John said that you did copy off all his computers, especially Brett's, yes I know Brett too, and Brett's work belongs to Energenx Inc and all the programs you took. I did talk to Joan too about what you said in the morning before John showed up for work. John did not say anything about you he just shook his head and said good luck. However he did say he gave no information except limited because he could never trust you ,and others told me the same thing. I can see from the postings you have tried to change things to get around John but as you can see things melt because you really do not know. What does, "we were fed a story mean", so your going to feed another story to this group about how John did it all bad and you did nothing? It seem John made a good choice in making sure you were gone and out of his shop, however he did it. It seems your an "Opportunists" with John's property. You need to settle up what you really owe John as you have nothing but yourself to blame. John has always given circuits away freely on the internet for people to experiment and never believed in anything free. At the last conference with you he said that very plainly that it's a change in energy that people term as free energy and he hates that word.

I still may get involved and I can guarantee I would go after you on the patents and circuits. I have advised John to do the same as your using John's inventions and making money from it. The truth is you can not get around any patents he has as you will find out. Attaching a reed switch to drive the motor is still in violation of his patents, Pulse charging at high voltage is in violation to, remember John has that covered real good including PWM. John has four patents that cover everything real good very broad claims. This also includes solar charging with low light, in fact it says "moon light". If you want to get technical he shows a bridge in the monopole, Those skilled in the art would know that you only need one diode without the capacitor. so it is covered along with pulse timing and any trigger he would want to use. Just to let you know I'm also a stock holder in Energenx Inc. I have looked at the books and it seems you have made a great deal of money off what John has done.Your continuing to make money off his circuits as you know it works no other way with the inventions. You have no contract with John and yet your selling his inventions, bad move Rick.

Multi oscillating coil system is also covered in his patents and MonoPole Patent (LOW LIGHT SOLAR). As a matter of fact everything you have seen in his lab you have signed a paper saying such, it proves you were in his shop looking. In my book it's time to screw your head on straight and work something out so you can continue to earn a living with this technology. If you look at the pulse charger technology you will find the same thing it's covered including solar and generators, transformers and so on. I will be back up to see John next week I'm going to push the point with him about you. In my book you have had a free ride on John's inventions. I have been through all the e-mails you have sent and all the postings you have admitted in public it's John's technology that got you started. The final thing is that the "dual pole" you have is just a double monopole motor as can be see from your circuits and drawings. If memory serves me correct John has a wooden model of that and some plastic ones, so you have not invented anything here except you think you have changed it. Rick the motor generator patent describes optical switching and reed switching too, along with other ways. But in the meantime I'm going to talk to more people as I have not made up my mind yet, but I'm going to push the point with John. You are very deceitful and feckless in the way you have conducted yourself blaming John as if you were not involved, I don't think so Rick. Your giving people advise in how to alter things and you do not know what your talking about when it comes to solar. I have looked at John's circuits with the solar and it is not like just connecting the solar panel to the battery. John's circuit senses the sun then filters a narrow band gap out to charge the battery then oscillates itself off with a reverse comparator, dummy.

Now you go tell people to turn the adjustment pot so they will burn the unit out. I have seen enough from you. Your are "Feckless Rick". Why don't you grow up and stop your slander about thing you know nothing about. Your talking like you never had anything to do with the solar chargers you really do need help with your mind.

And further Rick,
MonoPole Patent,
And to show how your in violation on the dual pole I will add this Claim 6: said means a primary input battery and a means for switching the battery, said means for switching either a solid-state switching circuitry, a magnetic Reed switch, a commutator, an optical switch, or a Hall switch; You have built a dual monopole which is covered in other claims. Also in the claims it is clamed a generator coil. And in claim 9: The method of claim 8, wherein the back EMF energy is rectified by using a bridge transferring said energy to a capacitor for storage; and Claim 18 A method, comprising; magnetizing a stator; applying a force to a pole of a rotor with the magnetized stator; demagnetizing the stator; and recapturing energy released during the demagnetizing

Have a great day And I'm going to make sure this gets posted so all can read.

Jim Butler.

This is the first in a long list of emails from Him to me, he posted this on the dual pole forum I think. I have lost contact with him, as I only saw him when I was in Hayden and he happened to be at the shop, hopefully he is following this thread, he had a really low opinion of Rick.

Tom C
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