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Rick's response

I'll respond here to the comments in order. First, the 10 coiler video
reveals a lot of what I am talking about. That is why it was taken down.
So you really don't want to go there do you? Your point is just another
contradiction of John's. It is his design is it? Then why did it have neo
magnets? You guys made such a fuss about not using them and Bedini said
not to use them. So was that his design or not? This is the kind of
That's a joke to change the storyline from what really happened. Everyone
can see the videos to see the actual relationship I had with John. You
guys can see right into the heart of John and me and know everything. Your
comments are just a joke.
As for John Koorn's comments I will say that they are far better than
Tom's. John, I will admit where I failed. Some of what you say is true,
some mistaken, and a little is flat out lie. You start off good and
correct but you forget various things, or were not aware of the history.
For example, Marcia was moderating the groups before you guys came around.
So the storyline is not accurate. There were also others helping out here
and there. I also volunteered for years with no commercial interest in
this. I respect both of you guys for doing what you could to help. I
appreciated that and shared that at the Convention, which I recorded. I do
not take that back. But I do regret a lot of things. I did what I could to
make something happen boys. It is easy to complain about everything but
then take the benefit from it. The groups format was not good. The mission
was not solid. It was kind of just an improvement upon the failing SG
group. John had a lot of influence on what happened that you guys have no
idea about. I still have all the email correspondence with him from those
years and you are really implicating him in much of what you say and what
went wrong. But ultimately I have to take responsibility for the failures
of others and that is why I have to set the record straight in this. There
are so many details I could bring up and only will address your
misunderstandings, and own up to what I did wrong. Again, I also want to
give credit where it was due even if you guys cannot do that.

(continued here)
Hob Nilre
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