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man oh man

so I just watched ricks response video, my god all 3+ hours of it. he is the DEFINITION of a sociopath

noun: sociopath; plural noun: sociopaths

a person with a personality disorder manifesting itself in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior and a lack of conscience.

his lack of conscience transcends all bounds of normality.

C.S. Lewis (chronicles of Narnia) also wrote science fiction trilogy. the second book "perelandria" is about the protagonist who's name is Ransom, who goes to perelandria to prevent evil from being spread into that world, but his antagonist professor Weston, who embodies all that is the opposite of that which is good, comes also to deceive the first inhabitants.

Weston is particularly good at twisting the truth and warping it in such a way as to suit his agenda. I never thought I would see professor Weston in real life....

to respond to all of his half truths would take years, that is exactly how he operates. that is why John had to stop pursuing his lawsuit against him. thousands of dollars spent with the lawyer just listening to him rattle on and on. can you imagine him in a deposition.?

John was and is my friend, as was Gary and Ronda is still my friend. I had 5 years after Rick got out of the way to actually become friends with john.

We spoke weekly, I traveled there frequently, and had many meals with him, and spent a lot of time at the eagles with him and Ronda. He often asked me why I stayed away for so long. I told him Rick said you did not want people bothering you.

this last year we spent most of our time talking about spiritual things, His faith in Christ, and where he saw himself in relation to that. we were going thru a 1 year devotional together, called the book of mysteries,

its all about the messiah in the old testament. John Loved God, and cared deeply for his friends and family, and those he trusted.

He never trusted Rick. never, but he was in a battle with Gary over Rick. Gary trusted Rick, but John never did.

John would leave things out, place little objects in front of his keyboard, write down the last time a file was accessed on his computer, place a set of parts or a tool in a conspicuous place to see if it would disappear. watch to see if his software programs were accessed remotely over the network, the kind of thing you would do if you did not trust an employee.

he did that for years with me every time I was at the shop. he would leave something up on his desktop, and ask me to read it, tell me not to share the circuit or what he was doing. most of the time it was not really earth shattering, but he wanted to see if it would end up in the wild. it took 3 or 4 years before he trusted me. but in the end he would call and talk to me regularly about many things, it was great having a friend like him.

He was fully aware of where the kernels of his tech came from, Tesla, Benitez, other researchers, he read everything there was to read on a subject. . He always showed me how he got where he was going and why.

His work with stereo amplifiers, his B.A.S.E. units, crystal cells, rife, the transmutation of elements, his knowledge and depth of understanding was incredible.

He was a voracious reader, slept very little, (less than 4 hour a day like Edison) was always up before me, and would often call me at midnight to share something.

Tony Craddock still had a ton of work to do with him. so many more videos to make of technology and experiments.

The picture Rick paints is so distorted, so unimaginable and not the man who I know, and came to love as a brother.

rick would be nothing without John, nothing....... sorry its just true. and the man to which Rick owes so much to is dead, and cannot respond, so its up to us those around him to share the truth, and not the lies being spread.

Tom C
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