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Rick's response

As for RS and the oscillator incident. Remember I still have all of the
emails, including to and from JB. So who are the liars boys? This is the
whole reason I had to set the record straight because JB lied about this.
Again, if I had been in the wrong in that then why was he not against me
from then on? And why would I send him the emails that showed that? The
fact is that when Stan sent me the email with the oscillator on it he said
not to tell JB because he would be upset with that. I was watching these
guys, including you RS, to see what you would do. You all know how loyal I
was to John. And I did tell him. I sent him the files not once but twice.
First in 2005 and then again in 2010 because he had lost them, as you see
in the headers. I have both sets of emails. These were guys on the lists
who were really active. But then Stan shared that and because of that
John went ballistic. He was very upset with Stan but not at all with me.
Why would he be? I told him. You did not tell him RS, I did. You may have
learned later, but it is my email that went back and forth with him as I
still have. If I was part of that then John would have put me on his
certain list as he mentioned at the time. I also have all the list emails
people. No, I worked as a friend with John for years after, as that was at
the beginning. You guys are just too old to get your facts right. lol So
what kind of man goes around telling people that I stole from him with
other guys 8 years earlier when I gave him the very files about the
matter? What kind of man mixes up the words so that the public cannot tell
who was saying what, so that it makes them think I did something wrong in
that merely because he lumps me in with them 8 years later?

(continued here)
Hob Nilre
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