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"Koorn" responds

Well Rick, since you dragged me into this slanging match, let me share some of the facts here. I'm not going to buy into the argument with you and Tom, however I will state what happened between US. As I expect a long winded response from you, please respect me and keep the subject to US.

I was a member on the Bedini Yahoo groups when Rick made Tom and I moderators, because we were seen by him as being experimenters that understood the Bedini SSG and would be good to help out the other members. I spent hundreds of hours moderating posts, booting trolls, approving new members as well as answering many questions by others who were keen on researching John Bedini's SSG. I never asked for anything in return and was happy to do this to help out John and Rick.

Sometime later Rick was considering offering kits of John's SSG. He stated that John was not interested in doing it and asked us for our opinion. I endorsed this because I thought it would be good to promote the Bedini technology and would make it a lot easier for people to get good results if they had the right equipment.

I understand it was around this time that Rick was also working with Energenx to commercialise some battery chargers. Well, all of this made Rick pretty busy which meant he had less time to moderate the Yahoo groups. Tom, Josh and I happily picked up the slack - to the point where Rick was almost non-existent on the groups anymore.

This went on for some time and soon enough the RC-2A12 was released, followed by the RC-1AU and then the RC-30A12. As I was keen to try out these great new products I bought them all from Rick. So far, so good.

So not long after that I was sent to the USA on a business trip. I called up Rick and asked if it was possible, since I was coming to the USA all the way from Australia, to arrange a meeting with John Bedini - as it was a goal of mine to meet the inventor of this technology. I wouldn't call myself a "groupie" as such, just someone who was interested in this technology.

Rick explained to me that in order to get to John I had to go through him - John would not let just anyone visit the shop. So if I wanted to meet John I would have pay the airfare for Rick to travel from Michigan and back, which I did. After I wired him the money he also invited Tom up to visit at the same time, because "you guys have been helping out so much with the groups". So Tom and I (with Rick) got to meet John, Gary and Brett for a few days and John said I could then call him at any time I wanted to.

It was also during this period that I agreed to be one of Rick's dealers, the only one in Australia. This involved me taking orders from my customers and then ordering them from Rick R-Charge website at a discounted rate.
This went well for a while, but soon problems and complaints started to roll in. There were shipping delays, complaints on the Yahoo groups that people had ordered products and heard nothing about their orders. R-Charge wasn't picking up the phone, phone calls never returned and emails unanswered.

For a while us moderators tried to cover for R-Charge saying that they were just busy or waiting on suppliers, etc. but after a while you kind of get sick of that so we just referred them to the R-Charge email or phone numbers, as instructed by Rick.

R-Charge had then released the RC-ALM1, a small alarm backup battery charger that had claims of "allowing the battery to last way longer than normal, possibly 15 years or more". Since I was also working for a major security company in Australia who replaced hundreds of these batteries every year I had negotiated a deal with them for an order. Rick would not take an order under 500 units (to try and keep the costs down) but we did settle on an initial order of 250. I had to borrow the money for this as it was well beyond my means.
Anyway, months went by without anything being shipped (apart from 1 sample unit). I was constantly emailing R-Charge and calling Rick to find out what was going on. I was told that they were waiting for the supplier to ship to him so he could then ship them to me. This went on for months when finally some units were shipped because I begged Rick to send me something I could show my client otherwise I was going to lose the deal. To my surprise, after waiting so long, the units all had the wrong sized spade connectors on them – they would not physically fit the spade sockets. I was not happy to say the least.
Rick had promised to fix the main shipment by replacing all of spade connectors, but when they finally arrived all they had done was taken a pair of side cutters to the existing connectors and trimmed them. This was very shoddy work by anyone’s standards. In the end, due to all of the delays, my client had changed their mind so I was stuck with 250 units that I had to try and sell at cost just to pay back the loan. I did also find out later on that my order was sitting on Rick’s shop floor for months, waiting for Rick to “get around” to fixing it and shipping it. This infuriated me.
I remember the day I decided to stop working with Rick and R-Charge. I was calling (mind you, I always had to call from Australia – Rick NEVER called me) to chase up orders, as usual. Brent (who worked for Rick) told me that Rick had decided to reduce the discount I was getting as “I was not selling enough”, even though I was not allowed to sell his products cheaper than he was advertising them on the R-Charge website. So I said thanks but no thanks. That was the end of that “partnership”.

So while all of this was going on Rick was organising the conference at the CDA resort. According to Rick, it was going to be huge – Bedini tech boats, planes, cars, etc. I wanted to go and my wife also wanted to meet the guys I was spending a good chunk of my time with. But to raise the money to pay for the airfares, accommodation and meals (and to pay off the loan I still had for the alarm chargers) I had to sell my car. My wife and I arrived at Rick’s shop 3 days before the conference and almost nothing was working. Josh was struggling to get the 30 coiler working, the 12 coiler kept blowing transistors and the other models all had issues as well. Added to this the shop was a mess, you couldn’t find anything and Rick was off trying to organise the conference. Yes, we had fun trying to fix everything and get it ready but we all worked very long hours and if we had not been there, there would’ve been nothing to show. I remember one night Brent and I slept for only about 1 hour on portable beds at the resort just to try and get things ready. Yes, we were thanked for it, but the point being that I think Rick was in way over his head and just did not have the organisational skill to pull it off properly.
Rick, I’m not sure why you discredited me in your response to Tom. I have no commercial interest in TeslagenX (mainly due to LLC laws in the USA) so I don’t know how I can be seen as a competitor to you. I assist Tom and Erik purely because of my interest in this technology, and because they are good friends of mine.
In the Yahoo groups I helped you out as much as I could. I went above and beyond what a moderator would do. I passed on the knowledge John passed onto you and you passed onto us. In hindsight, some things were lost in translation which we found out later by John were not correct passed down the line.
I did try and help the Chinese with getting the machines you sold them to work properly and also had to deal with their complaints of the way they were being treated by you. Clearly they were not “skilled in the art” and I admit the communications issues were partly their fault but they were your customer and they did feel ripped off by you. You did also tell me you couldn’t go because of passport issues. You even laughed that off over the phone.

Lastly, I am not going to try and dis-prove anything you have said either on the Internet or your videos. I have my own opinions on your integrity, however I don’t understand why you waited until John and Gary died to try and explain the “reason why you parted” and why YOU think his technology is flawed. As I stated in the video comments, it comes across as sour grapes and in my opinion does nothing to prove your honesty or integrity.
I will no longer be a part of this conversation and have chosen not to have any further dealings with you – just as I would not deal with any other company or individual that consistently delivers poor service to me.

John Koorn
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