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[SIZE="4"].......your position both
for John, in making him a god, ........... What did Bedini actually invent anyway?

SG? Novelty electric motor.

Just exactly what did John inventor own?

........... open your eyes to see your idolatry Tom.

You have agreed to defend people against the truth

........... then he wouldn't be your god. You

you cannot see all of John's contradictory statements and actions.

I never said John was a dummy,

No, all you did was listen to gossip that a bunch of drunk guys
shared behind people's backs.


So now we are all a bunch of drunks who kicked you out of the
inter-circle? Like I said Rick you need to go have a cold one and
think this thru. Didn't Jesus go into the pub once in a while to
have a sit down and rejoice with the young men thru new wine?

Where is your Jesus ethic Ricky. Little Ricky from not on.

All one need do is go back to the ORIGINAL OFFICIAL BEDINI 10 POLE KIT
video to minute 3:10 JOHN makes the statement that it is his
design and Rick tries to make it sound like he has changed and modified
it in some sort of evolutionary process with 100's of builds.

This forces John to repeat his statement at the beginning.

Watch John tilt his head and gets that squirly look in his eye as Rick
talks. John is a genius here in the video and knew Ricks heart yet
still forgave him and over looked what Rick was doing.

John is such a precious soul. But no one can deny what was going
on as shown by this video. As Rick talks at min 3:25 John starts
scratching his ear and turns his head-does anyone see this?

I caught that spirit that day, I see things faster than some.

Come on guys am I nuts look at minute 3:36 now what do you see and
freeze it. You see John rolling his eyes.

Talk to me people.

Lastly look at min 3:54 John is finished listening to Rick make it sound
like what John built and what the machine is now is more advanced
thanks to Rick so John steps on the tail of that cat right away.

John refreshes his statement as at the beginning where John let Rick
take over for less that a minute. And in that short of a period Rick was
trying to work his magic on the crowd.

Shame on Rick for all of the bad things he is saying about my friend John.

Here is the link go watch


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