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Originally Posted by moflint View Post
Hi, I believe Rick's take is that radiant energy can be both positive, and negative and that the trigger coil method will give a "predominantly" negative radiant spike. The hall effect sensor method with give a "predominantly" POSITIVE radiant spike, and you will be able to continue to charge batts with conventional non-radiant power. However if you use the trigger coil you will end up with negatively charged "dipoles" that will resist being charged in the conventional manner, and cannot be rotated in and out of conventional banks. You have to know the consequences of charging batteries like this - it may, or may not be what you want. I only have the mini dualpole motor running with hall sensor, and can say for sure that I can still charge them with both non-radiant charge, and radiant flyback spikes. I do not know about the opto switch, what kind of "mix" of positive or negative it produces, but if they roll in and out of service with your conventional solar charging then perhaps it is predominantly positive, same as hall switch. I've enjoyed reading your posts in this thread - all the best, Mark.
Hi Moflint. Thanks for sharing here. I also have discovered these observations, to some degree, for myself. I understand that batteries charged exclusively by negative radiant energy become much more difficult to charge with regular positive ion flow. That negative charging can de-sulfate corroded batteries as well. For that matter i have kept my main solar banks of 12 batts in the primary position, and 2 separate charge banks of 8 batts in the secondary, and never swap those positions (primary and secondary). My testing with the opto circuit has also lead me to believe that there are differences in the secondary output when compared with the use of a trigger coil. My ceiling fan has 4 bifilar coils, each with their own trigger and circuit and i have observed more radiant neg output at the secondary in that model. However, i've not been able to test my 4 dual pole motor/gen with trigger coil yet. I'm actually looking forward to doing so. Things are still pulled apart for the moment.

Part of what i'm hoping to do is to make the trigger coil to opto running configuration easily switchable for future experimentation. I'm always concerned about causing damage to my batts (have cost me more than the motor/generator) and will be treading carefully with an understanding of better methods of utilizing the trigger coil method. Rick does reference different configurations in his selfish circuits/loving paths series of pdfs. Prior to moving one of my 2 - 8 battery banks on to the 4 dualpole motor 1 of them was used exclusively on my ceiling fan (higher negative radiant charging), and i've observed a lower float value on that bank compared to the other which only recently came into service with the opto setup on 4dual pole motor. This might suggest that it has now moved from negative charging state to a positive charging state and has suffered as a result.

Looking forward to sharing more and learning more.
Thanks again!

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