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Originally Posted by AetherScientist View Post
I replicated some weeks ago a patent from Dr. Imris and, in theory, you get a magnetic field using an oscillating electric field.

the electric field is the magnetic field itself ..seen from another frame, the proof about that is the ETBC itself when it oscillate in a specific frequency even there's no capacitor since it's already short circuited .. the coil is opened also, the charge and discharge mechanism is there in electron's spin separation mechanism , the geometry of Tesla bifilar coil when extended help the electrons to stay in its place doing it job perfectly , in other words it's the equivalent of permanent magnet in a dynamic state.. the problem with electric side is it's a dissipater component that have to be stored in a capacitor banks for a perfect usage .. the latest test show this capability when using the ETBC directly as a tank for mazzilli driver and then taking the power from a single wire ( the hv side ) some interesting phenomena appear because the excitation appear to be very high but further test have to be done to improve the things to an acceptable level ... i really don't know the next step ! maybe trying plasma excitation system using the ETBC as a source of more balanced energy .. maybe the gas will amplify or provide a good medium for energy transformation ... who know ?
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