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Originally Posted by AetherScientist View Post
Hello med.3012. Researching a little bit more.
How are you?

Yes, a magnetic field can be created using capacitive displacement power.
In the following video, the input to the transformer is single wire from Tesla's coil. You know the output from Tesla's coil is displacement current. An alternating electric field.

all is Ok , thanks for asking , you didn't clarified your request in PM, i am also researching a little bit more as a lots of ideas pop up but it's not easy to experiments because every-time i make new coils changing something to see what happen.. , securing some needed parts etc ...

most of us here want an easy but effective way to produce significant electric power but we forget the mind produce such things is very rare or at least we have a few of them in this world ... collective work is a must here ! as there's a strong connection between over energy devices it appear to be the same thing in different forms or names ...

thanks for the above video ... there's some kind of music that have to be heard in these devices to work ...
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