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Originally Posted by AetherScientist View Post
Hello Med.3012

You system remembers a lot to Dr. Imris' capacitomagnetic coil.

Hello Aetherscientist ! how are you :-) ?

yes it's very close but unfortunately no deep research about it published to the public , it's very close for the following statement from Imris's patent :

1 bias current - a quantity proportional to the rate of change of the alternating electric field in the dielectric or vacuum.
2 The fact that the magnetic field is created not only familiar to us the translational motion of charges (conduction current or a shock) but also any change in the electric field with time. Thus, to create an alternating magnetic field is completely unnecessary charges translational movement, as is the case in conventional transformers. enough only to vibrate the charges on the spot, thus creating a time-varying electric field. This goal we achieved by means of a belt of the capacitor. Thus, no current flows, and an alternating magnetic field is generated
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