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Originally Posted by ashtweth View Post

Mate look for Bernies research on the JC in the joe cell yahoo groups, he has the easiest stage three procedure mate.

Ps, i have met Joe,
He wont tell you jack shyte. It very confusing and frustrating.
boost your ride Bro, JC is R and D
G'da Ash,

I have spoken to Bernie quite a bit over trhe last year or so, He's been very helpful as have other JC reasearchers. I have long since given up on Joe as a source of info, I look at his videos and tried some of his suggestions and to tell the you truth, to me it seems like smoke and mirrors. I have found S3 is not measured by bubbles but residual voltage which I have no trouble achieving. I have also found total electrical isolation from the vehicle works far better than grounding the cell to the vehicle.

At the moment I have for the first time in about 6 months, pulled the cell decanted the water - (which was still crystal clear) re passivated the cell and will hopefully be reinstalling it today into its engine bay housing but this time electricall isolated. All my experience so far shows this is the way to go so I am going to try.

The biggest problem I am facing is the changeover, it wants to but there just seems to be a bump in the process that it can't quite get past. Anyway, just one more area of my R & D. The plugs are still on the bench as is other stuff I am doing.

Thanks for the response Ash

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