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Rick you're dealing with specific details based on your warped
view of the world. Your long essay tells us that YOU are the reason
John's kits got built because John was a bad man by keeping them
from the public. But you saved us, didn't you?

This is mental. Here you put yourself above John telling the world
John is wrong, had nothing of his own so you were sent by God to
right these wrongs. Your so called "LOVING CIRCUITS" video's are
nothing more than a further assessment that you are freely giving away secrets that you had to take from John because John was wrong to
with withhold them. All of this out of love?

Love does not steal and lie.

Your she said he said they said of specific events pale in comparison
to your self proclaimed righteous bullying thinking how smooth you
must have thought you were sitting in John's offices premeditating
your strategy.

Plus you justify everything you did as Holy and good. You want people
to think John had nothing without you. This a joke of course.

You have called John a hypocrite and unrighteous in his deeds, for this
you have strengthened yourself in your resolve to formulate your plan
to violate your agreements to keep secrets.

At the same time mocking behind John's back in your emails sent to
others who were possible candidate in your fundraiser. Your words now
and your words in the secret emails reveal the same RICK.

John has been sharing his findings for many decades before you came
along and had always given freely. The SSG for beginners is still an
important contribution to the world today. You were not born yet.

You have not surprised or fooled anyone but yourself. It is unthinkable
to steal and justify yourself as a hero to the people putting John down
for not doing what he did not want to do.

John is a great man and always stated that people should build his
circuits first then they could make it better later. Each person can
do more or something new in the next 40 years and this is John's

John's dream came true. John started great things. Rick is a freak
show who thinks people will side with his methods that he thinks
that the end justifies the means. Like some sort of war hero Rick
wants us to pat him on the back for his evil venom biting the hand
that fed him. The great man that took him under his wing.

This is unthinkable. Rick thinks that people will thank him for revealing
that John was a fraud and a liar. How nice.

What a great guy Rick is. Thanks so much Rick for your evaluation.

It is these types of spirits that with be held in chains of everlasting
contempt, tormented in the presences of Christ and HIS Holy angels.

You see to these manifestations Ricks torment is and will always be that
he can never out do one of the greatest inventors of all time. Try tho he may.

No unclean thing will be permitted. Rick is the manifestation of many
unclean spirits. Legion.


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