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Ricks response:

Now we all can see that you worship John (see countless examples).
As everyone can see, Tom focuses on what he wants to and fails to respond
to what is important. He runs away because he is only here to try and
create suspicion and slander to profit his own business. I am not here to
prove myself innocent but simply to bring attention to the truth. I have
admitted that I have let people down. Tom cannot admit any mistakes and
also claims that Bedini and camp never made a mistake. So who seems
realistic to everyone? Someone who actually wasn't there but acts like he
was? Someone who only stands to gain by attacking me? Someone who gives no
credit where it is due? I give Bedini credit and will show that in a video
this weekend. But I will not say he invented sliced bread as Tom and his
groupies want you to believe. It is hard to say really what John actually
invented. Almost everything I have seen of his work I see others did
before him. So why is Tom attacking me? Not just because he wants to build
up his business, but because the Mystique of Bedini is being threatened by
me showing the history and what Bedini didn't give to the world. Look
people, I would not do any of this for any other reason than I get
countless people in the FE community all over the world contacting me and
revealing their confusion about these things and wasting their time and
money with fairy tales. It is time to point people in the right direction
and not point them to some 'Legend' that kept us all in a mystery and
never used the technology he claimed he had, and how he never sold you
anything practical along those lines. Yes, John did not give you kits, I
did. He said not to do it. He said people didn't deserve it. All who read
his countless emails know this attitude. Even the generator he did put out
in the 80s didn't do anything practical at all. I had one for a long time
and it didn't do anything. I also had access to his museum which had the
originals for years. So the public has a right to know and they have asked
me these questions countless times for 13 years now: Why didn't John use
free energy himself? Why did he not sell it? Why did he not make things
clear? The only suggestion is a conspiracy theory that he gave us that
cannot be verified: He was threatened by two agency thugs to buy gas the
rest of his life. Many people will then justify all his actions, and even
actions against me and so many other people, because of this one
unverifiable tale. The skeptics think it is because he really didn't have
anything. The followers believe everything he said. But the truth is that
he did have a lot of things figured out, but that he got that from others
and just didn't let you know that. Why is Tom so upset with me sharing
this and getting to the real truth of the matter?

(continued here)
Hob Nilre
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