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Exclamation Colloids

I to have used colloidal silver for some time know and can attest to the germ fighting capabilities. i had a caustic burn scar on my foot for years from me stepping a puddle of caustic solution in a refinery that literally eat my boot to the point of falling off my foot in 25 feet of walking. using a strong solution of colloidal silver the scars and excess skin growth went completely away and now i have supper smooth feet again. i also had a fungal infection in my little toenail that deformed my toenail and looked quite ugly. two weeks of drops later the nail is perfect and normal.

I also put drops in my eyes and have noticed my eye sight is slightly better and i can see more color and sharpness with everything looking brighter with no eye buggers any more.
it could be my imagination but i also seem to have more energy and generally feel better when i take it.

Silver is good, Gold is suppose to be better and apparently Titanium is suppose to be the best but i have not tried it. it works for me and i am very rarely sick.

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