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Well as you can see everyone, it was like I said, he writes so much and says so little. it would take hours and hours to unwind the fable that is ricks response.

This stuff so easily can turn into a cat fight.

it is often the case with Rick that he wraps a lie in the truth and then expounds upon it.

I moderated the yahoo groups until the Day John Bedini had them shut down and moved to energy science forum. they were John's, his name and he was the owner.

Hundreds of emails from hundreds of disgruntled customers, non responsive from Rick and Dan, all he said was please forward, so we did. still have them from the yahoo groups...

Brett programmed those chargers, not Rick. Brett would work all night and be found asleep at his desk in the mornings. an amazing man who did amazing work.

I was at all of the conventions except year 1 of the ferris wheel, which was 2011 I believe, and worked all of them for free. Rick promised us a hotel room for 2012 and we ended up sleeping on the floor of his shop upstairs, and we showered with a water hose attached to a sink.

I worked on all the machines including the 30 coil machine, the 12 coil with the slant rotor, along with Erik and Josh. they were not designed by Rick, but by another person. That person was never paid for molds, design, work or cad work. he was just able to sell parts. talked with him today as a matter of fact....

I got the 4 pole junior and senior running, there was not enough power from the trigger so I had to scavenge a few wires to get more to the base circuits, you don't remember that Rick because you were not there, but John B was.

I worked on the trailer for the 20 foot ferris wheel that Rick never built, I helped wind tiny window motor coils, and assembled kits with Rick's dad, I worked on the lawnmower till midnight several nights, along with Samuel shoham from Israel.

After Rick departed, I talked with many people that surrounded him in Idaho. Melissa, who was Johns shop tech, neighbors, former employees like vitalie, and mostly Gary and John Himself.

as far as my sales. I told you the cost that people would be able to bear in the market I was selling to. I told you how much cash I had. and what the owners were willing to pay. I would have bought 24 of them, if you could have got the cost down, but glad I did not, they only lasted a few years. I asked John why they broke, he showed me where Rick had swapped out components to save money. once he actually told Melissa to use the wrong resistor in a circuit, that whole batch of potted control boards went bad in the field. John had a fit. I heard this from John myself.

I have personally seen 12 to 1 on the bench and have looped and self run... but you see I honor The NDA that I did sign, so I don't show or talk about things that I was asked not to. so lets just say that you telling me I don't know what I am talking about is a crock.

you did not go to china rick, because you are Canadian, and could not get a passport to travel, that is what you told me.

you see what I mean everyone, its a lie wrapped in a nugget of truth, He did not go to china, but his reason for why is wrong...

I am sorry I do not have time to answer all of the things Rick has said. but lets just say they are almost all lies.

Rick is a pathological liar, it gets lost in his verbosity. so much to say so many stories, so much untrue.

so many people burned and a path of destruction in his wake.

People have met me and know me...... they know how I conduct business, they know how Teslagenx handles phone calls, emails, texts and warranty. I paid John up front for every unit sold, paid in advance for every charger or tracker ordered, we handle all of the warranty our self, including all repairs, including shipping damage.

When the acrylic kits were selling and sold out, we gave people money back that did not get theirs.

There are still people out there that have not received, DVD's, kits. kit parts, chargers, and components from Rick. TO THIS DAY.

enough said, I am thru with this.

Bottom line is, Rick knew nothing when he met John, still knows nothing, all his circuits are John's or Peters,

I have drawings form the early 80's that show rick's supposed loving paths circuits.

his dual pole motors, are from a machine John made in '96

the machine with the north south magnets, with the S1 switch, is something he worked on with John.

nothing of Ricks is original. he Designed nothing. Johns circuits, Johns chargers, Johns solar trackers.

Rick would be nothing without John Bedini.

Rick burned his bridge with John and hundreds of people over the last decade.

I am done here.

Tom C
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