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What a sly dog this guy Rick is, telling people to do something
constructive and at the end he sort of threatens like
watch it you will be sorry poke.

Rick is the one who is sorry now because John let us all know how
you went behind his back. The other gentlemen has always been true
to John B. and now we are suppose to fall down and tremble in Ricks

Give me a break. Rick you are deranged, you are the fabricator a
sneak and a back stabber. At least when we deal with others they tell
us what they think but not you Rick, you go around behind our backs
and try to come off as some holy man/god=man.

How insulting to the self existent one. You would be better off having a
few beers and cuss at people, speaking your true mind but you slink
around projecting yourself as this super gift of your little god who steals
stuff and won't feel bad about it.

When I see your video's I want to puke. You make me sick with your
suedo-spirituallaity, trying to put fear onto others for coming against
your lies that will be pointed out.

No one is afraid of you here, we know the truth. You are a thief and a liar
who wants to be welcomed back into the group without regard for your
actions to one of the greatest leaders of the free energy world.

I do not respect you and no one else will either. A gutless guy.

Prancing around folding your hands in Jesus name-When Jesus
told you to drop to your knees when you are wrong and cry out.

Not you, you want everyone to fall down and pray to you for your
guidance as some sort of free energy guru who deserves everyone's

You got to ask forgiveness and I see no sign of that, the average
guys does that when he is wrong, but not you Rick. You are a basket
case of freaky spirits from hell as far as I can see.

Now maybe you can change someday. For now what I see is your
demand to be honored for what you have selfishly beaten out of an
generous man.

Now go and sin no more or I'll dig up your whole story where people
got ripped off by you every time they turn around. I get ticked when
people like you threaten others when they correct you.

I have seen how you delete all of the facts of the real details on
your YOUTUBE video's thinking you are going to silence those who
correct you or question your repentance.

Nope, not you, you just delete the truth and hide your lies, I have watched
over your video's, this is how you think you can control what gets heard
and what gets swept under the rug.

I am sure you are or seem like a nice guy on the surface but that is
not the point here. Now you have been told the truth. Finally.

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