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Rick's response:

Who is the liar Tom? Now I have you on record as a liar. You were there
when? You came around a few times, and I believe only to one convention
(and maybe Sandpoint also). Are you saying I signed some document in front
of you?? What a joke. What year was that? 2005 when I first visited? You
were not even around then. If they wanted me to sign something it would
have been at the beginning when I saw everything and even filmed it. But
in fact John wanted me and my staff to sign NDS's when we were moving away
in 2012! We just laughed about that yesterday. You were not there when we
were leaving or at the beginning. You do not have proof as I do. So do I
put your name on a paper and tell everyone you have a NDA with me? I'm
sure everyone will believe that. I'm sure you were also there when they
signed the Magna Carta which makes you so credible Tom. You can make up
whatever story you want, but it will not fit with the facts. People sign
NDAs before they see private information. You were never around, only a
few times. You were not around at the beginning. So you just proved you
are a liar. You and Koorn stand to gain as my competition. Everyone can
see this. You make yourself like some kind of big player in all this, but
you were just a groupy. I know what that was like as I fell into that
myself at the beginning. But it is time for children to grow up and stop
idolizing a man who was not what you make him out to be. You don't even
know what he said about you and Koorn and others like you. He cared less
about you. I recorded him at the end saying so much stuff about people
like you. He had little respect for anyone. You guys never knew what you
were doing and never understood the technology. People saw that. Marcia
did a better job of moderating. You guys tried but you never really got
how this stuff works. But it was clear you just wanted to be part of the
action and a cool guy in the mix. So you betrayed me in the end and you
served your master. And no you really didn't know him. I knew these guys
for years daily. You just came to visit a few times to listen to stories.
You and Koorn knew nothing of the day to day operations at Energenx.
People who came around a few times a year had no idea of what happened. I
showed in video what it was like for everyone to see. This contradicts
everything you guys say.

(continued here)
Hob Nilre
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