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non disclosure agreement

so lets just say JB sent me a copy of Ricks non disclosure... so Rick is a liar, I have seen the non disclosure myself. when John emailed it to rick a copy of it, he accused them of forgery. but you see I was there when he signed it, we did it at the same time in front of Gary. we were all there and saw it first hand. I have never seen anyone who says so much while saying so little, its always a he said -he said with him, and whoever has the hours to write nonsense wins.

its almost impossible to answer him because he is so verbose, it would take hours and hours to respond to each point. that is his mode of operation, talk so much, lie so consistently that you just wave your hands and walk away.

There was a time when he worked in concert with JB of course, there was a time when I worked closely with him also. John initiated the termination of the working relationship with him for so many reasons.

over half of what he posted is just simply a lie, he is a pathalogical liar. I talked with Ronda B and she asked me if there was any way to get his crap off of youtube, the Bedini's were screwed over by him so many times and so many ways. Eventually we will put up some info that will be plain for all to see.

I asked him to remove my testimonial video from his website and even sent him the case law to show how it was illegal to continue to use it. he refused, and said i could sue him.

This can quickly become a shouting match, but you only have to know a few things. those of us, all of us that were closest to him, those that helped him at the conferences for free, those that put in 20+ hours for a week, that moderated his forums and handled warranty emails for free, all of us, as a man have repudiated his business and his dealings. He screwed over his investors.

I know the guy who paid for that 30 coil machine, it was meant to be a research tool. Rick sold it to some chinese investors, and did not tell my friend who paid 13 grand to have it built. oh he sold it for 30K my friend was apoplectic when he heard about it.

rick did all of this without John and Gary's permission. John actually told the chinese not to buy it, but they did anyway.

I have pictures of me in china with the investors, I did not know the 30 coil went their until I saw it in their lab. they asked me to come over and do some work with the machines, this was after their relationship with Rick went south.

rick, who claims to be a man of God, mocked my faith publicly in front of His family, and in front of Ronda and John, when we were at dinner at the first sandpoint conference.

if he has changed good for him, but he needs to come clean in his dealings.

the time will come when he will have to pay for his dealings.

Tom C
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