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Originally Posted by pentarbe View Post
This just came up in Google when looking for some EnergenX links:
Hi pentarbe, the following is a response from Rick Friedrich:

Personal Attacks against me for promoting Free Energy Technology.

Recently I decided to finally give a response to the slander of John
Bedini against me and set the record straight considering that he has
recently passed away and never bothered to clear up a slander he published
against me. I ignored this for about four years as he was the type to want
to fight about things and I wasn't going to satisfy him in that way. After
I recently posted a series of videos of John and I working together and
details about our relationship in these matters I expected some more
attacks which have now started. Here are my videos that give a little
sliver of the real story:

Why John Bedini and Rick Friedrich Parted Ways.

Bedini Tesla Switch, What's wrong with it? It KILLS Batteries!

John C Bedini 14' Ferris Wheel Presentation at the Nov 2010 Renaissance
Charge Convention.

John C Bedini 14' Ferris Wheel Construction Typical Day in the Shop Part 1

John C Bedini 14' Ferris Wheel Construction Typical Day in the Shop Part 2

John C Bedini 14' Ferris Wheel Construction Pre-Convention Setup Part 3

John C Bedini Motors Closeup from 2005. Original 1984 Tesla Switch

[The next video only indirectly pertains to what I am saying here, and
that is that I had a close relationship with John and we did many videos
together like this.]
Howard Johnson's Original Trains Demonstration with John Bedini and Rick

The following in quotation was posted on a website and reposted on a
competitors forum by a person who is unwilling to share who they are,
which should be a sign that their attacks are cowardly and mistaken. See
if you can connect the dots:

“In the early to mid 2000’s, Rick Friedrich proposed a business deal to
EnergenX, Inc., a company headed up by a world famous electrical engineer,
John Bedini.”

In the mid 2000's I volunteered to help people in finding free energy
systems. Renaissance Charge was later started to sell battery chargers
invented by several people, one of whom was me. The idea of each charger
and much of its functionality was created by me. I never signed any
contract with any company pertaining to these chargers. They were a mutual
effort. I did the testing of them and it was my label that was always on
these chargers. There is no patent on these chargers. And Energenx patents
expired two years ago, and I never violated their patents with these
chargers. I have presented video evidence of these facts.

(continued here)
Hob Nilre

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