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Patent #4,798,661 Gas Generator Voltage Control Circuit


Originally Posted by US4798661A

A power supply in a system utilizing as a source of fuel a generator for separating hydrogen and oxygen gasses from natural water and having the capabilities to control the production of gasses by varying the amplitude of the voltage and/or the pulse repetition rate of the voltage pulses applied to a pair of plate exciters in a vessel of natural water, comprising a sequence of circuitry operative to limit the current of a d.c. potential to a minimum value relative to the magnitude of the voltage applied to the plate exciters. The circuits each function up to a given magnitude of voltage to inhibit and curtail the flow of electrons from the plate exciter having the negative voltage potential applied thereto. The first circuit operative from a first magnitude of voltage comprises converting the voltage potential applied to the plate exciters to a unipolar pulse voltage d.c. of a repetitive frequency. The next circuit varies the duty cycle of the unipolar pulse voltage d.c.; followed by rearranging the application of the voltage to the exciters to individual exciters each having the voltage applied thereto independently of the other plate exciters in the generator. The next circuit comprises an electron inhibitor that prevents the flow of electrons; the circuit being in the terminal line between the negative plate exciter and ground. In those applications of the generator wherein excessively high voltage is to be applied to the plate exciters for a very high yield of gasses, a second electron inhibitor of a unique structure is serially connected with the first electron inhibiter. The second named inhibiter having a relatively fixed value and the first inhibiter connected in series is variable to fine tune the circuits to eliminate current flow.
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