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Multiple Kundel sets

Instead of reducing the number of Luc's rotor magnets, we can just multiply the "Kundel" magnets on the timing discs. An array of 6 bipolar spoke sets on each side would give each rotor magnet it's own propulsion event from the reciprocating linear broad side polarized stator magnet at 90 degrees.

What would probably work best is "Kundel's" latest design that uses two toroid magnets of different dimensions, the smaller penetrating the air core of the larger coupled pair. The problem is the toroids would limit the number of rotor magnets to only two.On the other hand, additional magnets would add strength to the alternator. Luc showed gain on the rotary to linear actuation and the accompanying "kick". The "twist Kick" from the Kundel actuator on the axle would probably add even additional gain. Twelve kicks, six from each side staggered rotor array. This wheel could generate 10 horsepower.

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