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Luc would have to reduce his number of rotor magnets from 12 to 2, set at 180 degrees, to get the "Kundel" actuator timing to work correctly.

The original Kundel prototype runs from the oscillation of an amplified speaker. 1/4" throw on each side would be more then the speaker supplies to achieve rotation. Timing and precision adjustment is very important. Magnets of opposite polarity would have to be attached to each side of the rotor wheel, so the linear oscillating drive magnet could nudge them into rotation from the side at just the right moment. It would help to enlarge the two rotor magnets and position them on a smaller diameter wheel to raise R.P.M. The "Kundel" magnets should be mounted on discs that are positioned to the outside of the rotor axel on each end; as pictured below:

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