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1/2 turn.

What I determined so far is that the diametric tube only kicks securely a 1/2 turn from the approaching perpendicular magnet while applying rotor friction. The motor needs another magnet on the other end, in opposition to complete the revoloution. So two connecting rods would need to go in both directions, each one with a linear magnet in opposition on the ends.

In operation, the two broad faced magnets would reciprocate from side to side to rotate the neo tube from it's ends, which in turn would deflect the base magnet as the poles changed on the neo diametric tube, to drive the reciprocating rotator magnets. Three axial polarized ceramics and one diametric tube.

It might help Luc to place a kundel magnet on both sides of his wheel and utilize both power strokes to spin it. That would leave only a 1/4" inch gap on each side. Larger magnets can increase the throw. Probably just gluing the rotor magnets side to side may double the throw!

My ceramic ring is traveling the entire 1" length of the tube from end to end which is already twice the throw Luc gets from his ceramic blocks. A 2" tube would double the throw again.

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