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Rotation test.

I built a model of the kundel prototype. It's two ceramic discs in opposition attached to the ends of a plastic stick, suspended overhead by a magnet axle.

The stick spins like crazy when the ceramic disc magnet stator is drawn close between the poles on the perpendicular. TDC for the spinner! The same sheer force that's powering the linear track, is put to work a second time as an actuator clutch. Same trick! You have to hit it just right! Just like a rotating Oersted current spinner. There's definitly an asymmetrical relationship between the linear force of the stator magnet and the rotational sheer that spins the stick and would power the rotor wheel! Naturally, turning the stator magnet around reverses the direction of spin.

The bonanza is, we add a second gain factor in the proportion Floor describes and Luc demonstrates in his exceptional video.

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