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We can use the Kundel Actuator as a (Linear-to-rotary) mechanisem to self run Luc's wheel:

Kundel Magnetics

A toroid magnet would be positioned at the top of a brace attached to the sliding rails, and a larger one on the wheel hub. The Kundel site shows an animation of two toroid magnets in a linear-to-rotary configuration. Click on "Reciprocating Motors" on the Kundel page. The toroids are different sizes: One, small enough to fit inside the larger's core. The larger rotating toroid has a coupled partner. They're magnetized so each half circle has an opposite charge; As the smaller toroid approaches the center of the larger one, on a straight line, the larger toroid begins to rotate 180 degrees and when the linear toroid withdraws, the larger wheel hub toroid continues to circle in the same direction.

The "Throw" is proportional to the distance between the toroids. Therefore we can compress them sufficiently to deliver full rotation from exactly 11 mm of throw.

The ring magnet below is diametrically magnetized. They're sold this way. This is what the linear actuator looks like: Very simple!

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