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Hi crew
It just occurred to me, how do we know when to drain fuels from the various condensing tanks? We need to drain fuel before the condensing tank(s) fills up and overflows to the next one but we don't want to drain the tank before the liquid seal created by the 'U' bend in the drain pipe is in effect or air will enter the system.
I suppose we do a batch and let it cool down to the temperature that air ingress to the condensing tanks is not a problem then open the drain. If no fuel drains out then we know the liquid seal may not be deep enough yet. If fuel does drain out then we know the liquid seal is in effect and we know we can drain fuel from that tank during processing.
Other than this I guess we would need to install sight glasses in each condensing tank.
Yes a sight glass is on way. I fitted a slight glass to one of my tanks. You can also have a tank that is bigger than the retort volume as another way. Or you can go by time. Ever 15mins, just drain off the produced Fuel.
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