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Never implied that, sorry, don't put words in my mouth, I hate that, worse then I hate liberal communists. Clinton is a perv, not trump. And Hillary was his accomplice, the end.
Here is what you said:
As far as grabbing pussy, I don't remember him saying he liked to do that, only that women would let celebrities do that. I'm not convinced he was wrong in saying that, I remember woman fainting when the Beatles, or Elvis walked by.
But in any case, Clinton was the groper in chief, and dear old Hillary and the rest of the neurologically neutered left seemed ok with that.
But please, tell me those daily lies, I would love to hear some.
First you denied trump said Grab em by the pussy Quote:"As far as grabbing pussy, I don't remember him saying he liked to do that". Then you tried to use a false argument to justify it Quote: "But in any case, Clinton was the groper in chief". This is a classic straw man argument.

Umm, hello, he said he likes to kiss them, " just kiss", then he says "when your a star", they let you do anything. Which is exactly what I said (I need my first post). (Edit, in my first post)
What's your point. Aren't you attracted to beatiful. I sure as hell am. I remember a girl I used to date from NFLD, when I was younger, Christ, she talked worse then that. Jeez man, grow a couple.
Now your using multiple straw man arguments, Trump said he can "Grab em my the pussy" not "just kiss" as you imply. Then you tried to use the false argument that just because we find someone beautiful this may be a reason to grope them. Then you used yet another false argument in implying that "she talked worse then that". Her talking worse cannot justify trumps own action otherwise we could do and say anything and justify it by saying someone was worse than us. You do see the problem with this false reasoning don't you?.

Ok, there's something wrong with you, I see that now. Up till now I really thought you must be smart, maybe an electrical engineer or professor, really. Wow, I was so wrong.
I am an Engineer, an Energy Systems consultant and a General Contractor ( I design and build houses in my spare time) however I never claimed to be all that smart. Been stuck in a blizzard the last 3 days and just spent the last four hours plowing two feet of snow...If I was smart I would have moved to B.C., lol. Southern Alberta can be a real pain and if you don't like the weather just wait a minute.

Your right, I knew you were a liberal by the crap you've been posting about trump.
I am a conservative and the reason I disagree with Trump is because he's immature and has various metal disorders which makes him unfit for office in my opinion. Does most of the conservative candidates disagreeing with O'Leary make them Liberals?, well no that is absurd.

See, your lack of real knowledge is blinding, O'Leary is not a conservative, he is a neoconservative, which is a same as neoliberalism. I hope O'Leary does destroy the neocons agenda here I need Canada, as much as I hope Trudeau the man-boy-woman-communist, destroys the neoliberal agenda.
In fact O'Leary is a conservative candidate and your labeling him as something else does not change this fact. As well hoping O'Leary destroys the conservatives doesn't sounds very conservative to me. I hope the conservatives can offer a better candidate with a real platform so I can vote for them. I like Michael Chong because he is a fiscal conservative and a moderate as well as being active in election reform and he also opposed same sex marriage. The last thing we need is some phony hothead running our country and I would vote for Chong without hesitation in the next election.

Tell me the Trump lies or stfu.
Why don't you tell me how you really feel, stfu?... really?. Personally I like debating these issues and hearing others opinions and I would never tell anyone to stfu... but that's just me.

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