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I have the whole assembly out of the battery closet and on the bench. Finally. Not an easy task for 1 man with 2 arms. :P
Having mounted it in place for the last couple years (or so), it is nice to be able to have the room to properly work on it. I've decided to take some time to really think through its re-installation carefully. If i want to be able to continue to experiment with this motor and do repairs, its essential that i leave room enough to do replacements to passive components. That said, i'll need to invest in some more heavy cabling to extend the reach of the power in/out quick connectors as well. I would like to avoid having the motor inside the battery closet simply for the sake of doing battery maintenance.

On the left you can see the passive components ready to go in. I will be swapping out the 1N5408 diodes for MUR8100EG(ultra fast), and MJL21194 transistors for MJL4281 (higher volts/watts). Hopefully will be able to carry a bit more current safely with less destruction. My tests will be done @ lower voltage input until i'm satisfied that i have a stable, non-destructive running condition with all the new apparatus installed.

Additionally i have a Windmill PMA from Missouri Wind and Solar that i will be testing on the bench to see if it is a viable to use it in full time operation with the motor/gen to tap the kinetic output.

Other experimental componentry include the possible inclusion of my tesla pancake coil.


Previous experiments with pancake coil were done while operating with very high current and produced quite unusual results. They require further investigation to confirm, or even contemplate, as i was unable to run them for any suitable duration (destructive temperatures). Ideally (as per Tesla's typical methods) I will be able to encase the coil while under vacuum to achieve the best dielectric efficiency.

Rick Friedrich has also described methods of generating higher negative potential utilizing a trigger coil as opposed to opto trigger circuit, while using different battery orientation. I will be endeavoring to educate myself in those methods through his more recent "Selfish Circuits" videos @ his Youtube channel I just realized how many new videos he has been adding to his channel. I have a lot to watch and study.

Thats it for now. Will be back when there is more to report.


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