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The selection of your video implies Trump to be on the same plane as
a faggot/Bi-sexual. You are a sick man AL.

I guess where you live man are simulated by the thought of kissing
other men on the lips. That is sickening and uncalled for. You
gravitate toward some bad stuff.

So many sick minds. Now i see you for who you are AL, disgusting
perv, this is why the spirit in you speaks this same curse over others.
You have lost all respect with this one gesture of putrefaction.

You remind me of a man i sold a refrigerator to in South Carolina back
in the 90's. I brought him a frig and it got mud on it so he and his
live in lover ran into the house for a fresh pair of fruit of the loom
men's underwear, insisting I use his next pair of drawers to wipe down
the box with. Then he could be aroused watching me.

I got paid $150 for the frig and got the hell out of there, sick man.

So now we are seeing the manifestation in others projected on TRUMP.

This is a spiritual matter.Unless you renounce these spirits you can not
gain eternal life. On top of that nothing can be viewed as pure thru
your eyes.

Judgement has been passed and you will not escape.

All manner of sin must be acknowledged, including your flip flop
sexual orientation but it is to late most likely. No it is not art.


Originally Posted by Allcanadian View Post
Iím automatically attracted to beautiful ó I just start kissing them. Itís like
a magnet. Just kiss. I donít even wait. And when youíre a star, they let y
ou do it. You can do anything.
Grab íem by the pussy. You can do anything.


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