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Now we can see the difference in views of what reporting ethics are
all about. I looked up the definition of Journalism today and here is what
I got.
For a minute there I thought you had me. If you didn't read this I will
summarize "YOU ARE WRONG" journalism is not just some sort of money
making machine without standards. Well with the exception of the
2016 FAKE NEWS blitz plus 40 years prior.
I never claimed the media or journalism is some sort of money making machine without standards did I?. I said... "the media's job is to sell media and advertising to generate a profit". Can you point out where I may have said or implied the media has no standards?.

Here is one such CODE. Shame on your other comments.
Poor journalism is about unfounded claims, not low profit writings.
If they didn't make a profit they wouldn't be in business would they?. You have also taken the notion of limitation of harm completely out of context. For instance when Trump said he likes to grab pussy he harmed his own reputation by saying this and he owns it. Reporting this is not an unfounded claim because it was recorded and played on national television which makes it a fact.

Am I getting thru to you?
No not really Bro. Your posts are a mish mash of poor grammar, logical fallacies and taking things completely out of context to make a point which is barely intelligible.

It would seem your trying to say you got me or that I'm wrong somehow by taking something I didn't even say or imply out of context.

Trumpism can be reduced to:
(1) think of the absolute most visceral, kneejerk, gut response to any given problem;
(2) immediately stop thinking at that point;
(3) attack anyone who points out the problems with your reasoning

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