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We already have war, it continues with Christians being beheaded
and teen girls being raped. You live on this planet also, why are you
ignoring these facts? Instead you want to transfer blame onto TRUMP
or any one who will stop these injustices.

You can't kill the minister of vengeance, take it up with THE KING HE
raises up and HE puts down. You want to kill Jews? Saying they are
all evil, same thing. Just because you don't pull a damn trigger you
think your words do nothing so terrible.

Hating without a cause does seem to be at large these days. Nobody
wants continued war and blood shed and eventually something must be
done. You can't look the other way forever.

This is the same as watching a man murder a woman on the street corner
because the men is bigger and stronger than the woman and you don't
want to offend the man swinging the knife.

This is the equivalent.

This is how it goes down in other countries but in AMERICA if a man is
killing a woman on the street corner, someone knocks his head off.

I suggest maybe moving to India? BYE

How do you like my reasoning?

Alex Jones Goes to Hell on Air


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