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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
No, mainly because he is an unstable person that I have grown to
distrust personally. I don't know what to believe about him.
Hi BroMikey. Sorry for my long hiatus from these forums man. I'll suffice it to say that its been a pretty tough year for me. Hoping my work situation improves soon. Regardless i'm back to work on my motor/gen and i've been in touch with Rick.

My intuition tells me (and i do trust my intuition), that Rick has been misjudged, all things considered by many in the renewable energy research community. I myself was guilty of passing judgement upon him unduly. I had my reasons as a customer, but he had valid reasons for his difficulty as well. Seems to me a lot has transpired over the last couple years. Rick is providing a lot of information that John had been unwilling to share, or held back. I don't want to go into detail here, if you are interested in knowing more on his and John's situation i think this video is an appropriate watch and really helped mu understand his situation. >>

Its been a real moral boost to be in touch with Rick. In my heart i know he is a very good person. I don't plan to pester him with questions, but its really great to know that he is supportive of the success of his customers. He's the only one i see proactively working to share all of what he knows the best he can. kit is excellently manufactured I'm very grateful to have any help that can be offered.

That said, i'm back to start documenting my progress here and will be making videos of experimental setup fairly soon if all goes well.

My apologies for any who have been visiting here in my absence.
Love and light
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